Mood Board #6 Fall Wind Storm

Beautiful Faye as Bonnie                                           Mood Board #7 Fall Wind Storm                                                                                                                                As we feel the crispness in the air, the chilly breeze, we begin to put on layers. This can be such a wardrobe conundrum, to find the right combination with all our own rules. I personally don't want to wear a coat in till I have to, or skin jeans tucked into boots (Portlands staple in the rain) until the last second! These inspired looks are a modernized take on 40's style, with a layered, slightly unkempt look. I must call attention to the iconic film "Bonnie and Clyde". The fashion in this film is truly inspirational and speaks to a resurgence of this sweater girl style I see more and more on the street. Just look at the seductive Faye as Bonnie. Well, hipsters we now know where some of your looks originated!