Week in Nostalgia

Almost nothing will give you permagrin quite like a BLAST from the past. This was me at Mississippi Studio watching the supreme bad ass chicks of Veruca Salt shred it up!

Memories and the powerful influence of music to mark time passing.

I am now ready to get rid of my last stash of cassette tapes and CDs.

What tares me up the most every time I move to get rid of these beat up chunks of plastic and joy is there very physical nature, Grunge had texture. That and the painstaking hours it took making them with hand written tracks and cover art included. They once were great treasures in  my life. In an effort to preserve all the texture and raw amateur design I am posting their images here for YOU and I to enjoy!

May you remember when you spent all day writing in sharpie on a shine plastic slice of COOL.

PS I even posted some of my favorites that made me less than cool. This shit is personal.