Best of New York and Flowers

...where I needed to go. When I wobbled to a stop, facing in the right direction, I walked headlong into a freestanding forest: A grove of ficus trees, potted and crowded together beside a stand of Dieffenbachia and dwarf Albert spruce, or maybe a half-dozon Areca plums in big black plastic tubs -of chores I don’t remember exactly which plants they were anymore, but I do remember the shock of seeing this quiver of greenery on the gray Manhattan sidewalk....
— The Floral Ghost by Susan Orlean

Like most magical places the more you search, the more it alludes you. This is especially true in Manhattan. We had stopped searching, just enjoying your walk through the Flower District on your way to lunch, when the art magic, I was searching for all trip, found us.

The Flower District, already sets you up to be transported beyond the bad-ass city, to a city that is beyond amazing. The smell of the greenery,  giant orchids and jungle plants brushing up against you all existing right on the sidewalk. Still,  there is endless beeping, steam billowing from the subway grates, and the pressure that you have to keep on walking with great detriminaton.

Admists all of this... in the window.... A R T  chatches your eye.

The Plant House Gallery is the best contemporary art gallery in Manhattan. 

A clean unassuming place filled with work that is consciences of it's space and time. It is challenging in it's simplicity, very intelligent yet transportive.

The show I was lucky enough to see was The Floral Ghost and I loved everything about it.

It was a well curated, varied group show, that flawlessly interrogated many mediums from silk screen by Philip Taaffe to writing by Susan Orlean.  Katie Michel, the owner,  was friendly but not pushy. She and her gallery partner are also printmakers. Tactile show cards and texture rich walls showed off the attuned skill of seasoned printmakers. The taste of the whole gallery was rich yet palate cleansing. 

(All pictures from Plant House website)

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