GRUNGE for a Northwest Winter (we invented it for a reason...)

 ...the reason this season is the rain! here in the great mist green of the northwest we always need the layers, always needing boots and always needing a hood or a large scarf to pull over your head to keep those droplets off. But all of these challenges are no excuse to dress like a perma-hiker or a slob, Grunge takes effort or at least thought to how you put these elements together. Bad Ass and ready to conquer the slippery asphalt with a fierce style.
note: more pants!

Black Textures for Fall

 It is all in the details! 
Texture added to black and white with print (seahorses!), dip die, and jewel embellishment 
(Balmain-pearls), creates a new dimension for our wardrobe staples, that once were so flat!
A bit rock 'n roll, a bit romantic, either way you were is so cool.

To Reflect

                                                   The article that follows is high-lighting young great fashion designers. When this article came out they were still new to the scene, burgeoning into the fashion icons they are now. It is only upon reflection that we see how their "pioneering" help shape the fashion of now.
                                                         As all of you fashion devotees follow the new fall collections on Instagram, Twitter, all in the present, all right now, which is arguably, what fashion is all about. Fashion is every changing ever now, which it should be! 
                                                        However, it occurred to me that only after time has past that we can recognize the statement with in the art, the art of fashion, the point of view, the true avant-guard, the trends the color and more importantly the clothing that WE actually want to where! So while all other fashion blogs are sharing the NOW I am here to share a reflected upon, edited, present. I strive to find and show classic timeless and real artists of fashion.

The Past is so Now

The Past is still relevant.
Admittedly these images come from Fall 2011.
Via Harper's Bazaar runway report.
I find these collections so on trend, as they show the kernel of the designers ideas that have now bloomed into a more main steam zeitgeist. Many of the themes in this collections are still going strong: Bright Color, Statement Coats, and Prints everywhere!

Print Riot

Print Riot 
In the joyous sun-soaked days, at the height of summer, all you need is print on top of print. Some prints are vintage, some prints are whimsically "animally" (for this you need Charlotte Taylor) and the print of the most importance, almost a wardrobe staple is the TRIBAL PRINT!