On Fashionable PDX Thursday

It has been my zietgeist lately to support all the creative people in my life. This has been leading me to many different places ranging from Folk music at "Dr. Who" theme dive bars to the white tents of PortlandNXT Fashion Show on Thursday evening.

It was a fabulous time, with micro local celeb sightings (Project Runway Stars), confusion and  Pinot Grigio NOT Chardonnay and wonderful INSPIRING runway shows.

It is not surprising that the show I liked the most was that of Myriam Marcela, who happens to be a striking acquaintance I met at an art opening, and who I was there to support. Her vision is all about vintage made current or as she describes, "Vintage Revival".  Everything that walked the runway seemed new but had well edited vintage spirit as well as a strong since of print with a bit of Spanish flair (her homeland).

The other stand out designers that made the evening amazing were:

ATIZ who wowed with a cleaver mixture of fabric textures and prints. Ranging from light and airy to luxuriously thick.

"The inspiration and scope behind the Àtiz collection is rich and wide, but each piece contains the blending of Eastern sophistication with Western originality. Though her Indian heritage informs all of her looks, Padmaraj nonetheless translates this historical and cultural legacy into a refined, timeless international look."

Sonia Kasparin "Bespoke Couture" stunned the audience with this simmer full length simmer gold number!!!

Wendy Ohlendorf gave the audience fantasy and whimsey with headdress in and dramatic defined shapes.

A Spring Dripping in Honey

"As Egyptian mythology has it, swarms of bees migrated across the desert first tumbled to Earth as tears from Ra, the ancient sun god. In keeping with Alexander McQueen's romantic, macabre sensibility, Sarah Burton's latter-day insects rendered in brass-each glimmering with a topaz-crystal abdomen-are meticulously handcrafted by Italian artisans ans affixed to tortoiseshell-patterned Plexiglas cuffs. It's all enough to make us buzz like... well bees on a honeycomb."
 -Vogue March 2013

Original Painting by Arielle Adkin
A Spring Dripping in Honey
I can not deny how struck I am by the artistry
of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 collection.  
It is a sartorial take on the natural beauty of honeybee, it's hive and those that keep them. However literally gorgeous the hive dresses and veiled hats, this collection goes beyond into a darker fantasy. The allure of sweet honey and the sting of the bees. I recognize political aspects in collection with the bridging of urban fashion world with the natural world that Sarah Burton has addressed in her collections before. The life of the honey bee is threatened, celebrate this subtle and spectacular bring of awareness to the adornment of our necks, wrists, and bodies. This beauty is worth the risk of the sting, and the that is the true sensuality of spring. 

“The collection is a study of femininity. We looked at erotica. Vargas girls, cages, corsets and crinolines and the idealized female form. Nothing is set in a particular period. It’s about sensuality and skin but not nudity. We also wanted to express lightness, for the clothes almost to hover over the women who wear them.” 
Sarah Burton

Bijoux #2

This is another great jewelery design mood board. Different shapes and trends all inspired by the deep green of the emerald. Not only a redheads best friend but it remains a classic amongst the color craze of late. Think emerald is the new navy. This color is so rich that even the fine cut dresses (one the most refined by Jil Sander Spring 12 line) seem to act like full body jewelery. Confident, daring and mouth watering. Just like the redheads who wear it well!

-I am dedicating this post to my sister, as this is her favorite color for a reason! I hope she packs some emerald in her luggage as she sets off for a summer in Rome! Kiss Kiss.

mood board #3: Cutting Loose with Decorum

 Mood Board #3: Cutting Loose with Decorum
In this town were I reside (Portland, Or.) The first warming and sunny days seems signal women to step out of the house, quite suddenly, totally scantly clad. All pail flesh. This mood board is about the glory of a transition. These woman look cool and put together in lovely lose long pants, so breezy and so many playful colors. Give yourself the time to acclimate to the new weather, the new spring fever and the new style you adapt. It's never becoming to bare-all too soon.