GRUNGE for a Northwest Winter (we invented it for a reason...)

 ...the reason this season is the rain! here in the great mist green of the northwest we always need the layers, always needing boots and always needing a hood or a large scarf to pull over your head to keep those droplets off. But all of these challenges are no excuse to dress like a perma-hiker or a slob, Grunge takes effort or at least thought to how you put these elements together. Bad Ass and ready to conquer the slippery asphalt with a fierce style.
note: more pants!

It is now Grey

The angular style lines
 of these masculine cuts creates looks with a 
great street vibe and grunge rhythm.

 It is no coincidence that 
grunge style and culture was born of the North West. 
The dim lit sky and constant drizzle makes one moody and swathed with layers, 
femininity fades as you suit up in your masculine like armor all putting on a bad-ass front to battle the slick grey sidewalks that match the sky. 
All that said grey can be the most beautiful spectrum of in between-s
 (think tweed, perfect lines of black and white that trick the eye into seeing grey)
and drive us to our creative core.

take on grunge,
 just oozes with sex appeal. 
This photo tantalizes and blows my mind, 
a favorite!