Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard in Vogue. 
This is a woman of glamorous refined sex appeal. This photo shoot does an impeccable job of capturing her tour de force French style while still giving a wink to nostalgia and a pin-up silhouette. How could you not be inspired by Marion Cotillard?
"Josephine" is a fictional character inspired by Marion Cotillard. To me she embodies whimsy. She is the first in a series of characters that will be featured on The False Unicorn.

Edith Piaf's "Non, Je ne Regret Rien" billows from a third floor lavender lined window. Josephine possesses the kind of laissez-faire elegance and ennuie that only a Frenchwoman can embody. Daytime finds her casually photographed against a Provincial blue door, hair disheveled. Purse held lazily in hand, Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" nearly falls to the ground. Josephine's slate colored lingerie evokes a 1930's aesthetic. She is cut from another era. Nighttime crawls. Josephine grows bored with the day. Dressing herself in a bow trimmed ensemble demanding any gentleman to inquire whether she would like her dirty martini shaken or stirred. Surrounded by stones and artifacts, Josephine poses, aware of the gaze she summons. Framed by sleek hair and dark sunglasses, Josephine embodies the modern woman, conscious of decades past. She hasn't yet decided where to go. She steps in to a 1937 Aston Martin, vanishing with barely an embrace goodbye.

By Madeline Pearl at