A Dedication

Every now and again some one walks into your life and inspires creation.

I was just so lucky to have two lovely ladies do just that for me. These friendships sparked in me the need to share my passions. These two women (they come in a pair), even though as different as water and sky, are smart, savvy, graceful, outspoken, avant-guard, and truly stylish. They are the best kind of women, the ones that inhabit who they are in every moment. That power spills and radiates out to others. Through their being, they confirmed and enforced my own artist vision and voice. My perspective is not only unique but valuable. I was held back from sharing my ideas before as I feel/felt that the blogo-spear is over saturated with the mundane details of narcissistic lives. I cannot deny that to share in this way you have to feel slightly self-important. However, I’m spinning this idea to be one about giving/sharing. I think of these women and many others as I paint, make, shop, flip fashion mags, find great design blogs, sip my favorite cocktails, read a true literary novels. I want to show them my thoughts of them filtering through my own vision. I wanted to create a record of all that is inspired by the ideas of those we love. So this blog exist. It is not a literal translation of my admiration but in an magical indirect way they inspired it!

Thank you Maddie and Emma