This town is real.

Such a great art scene in this vibrant city of texture & history. These are my favorites artists and take a ways, plus a few of my own photos of the trip.

Brian Borello actually a Portland Artist

Teresa Cole, Nora Lovell, ED Smith, Hanna Chalew

Even a few of the galleries in the overly touristy french quarter were great:

TRESOR , Gallery Orange,

Mel Chin 

Is the toast on New Orleans art scene this month the a solo show at Jonathan Ferrarra contemporary gallery and a huge retrospect at NOMA entitled “Rematch.” I got to really delve in to his work and I was completely taken away. His work is very thought provoking without being to political, using element of myth history and artifact. The pieces and instillation's themselves were simple, beautiful and yet transportive. His work was very much influenced by Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp, but really he picks up where Duchamp left off, challenging the viewer but leaving them with the sublime;

"Beauty is only the fist touch of terror we can still bear and it awes us so much because it is so coolly disdain to destroy us." -Jung quote used in conjunction Mel Chin's "Rike's Razor" a straight razor with the blade cut in the shape of the solute of Venus De Milo.

The other piece that greatly impacted me was an installation entitled "Operation of the Sun Through the Cult of the Hand” a mini universe with the planets represented in their elemental forms.