Beyond the mirage in Santa Fe

The clarity that comes from returning to a place once a year is very special.

An evolution is unfolding in Santa Fe and I was primed to be a witness, as I have enough distance and enough references to observe the change.

Full disclosure, I had some help, a guide if you will, to enlighten me to the bright new art energy. My insider was the art writer, Jordan Eddy. He generously showed me around the Stranger Collective's collaborative group show that he was instrimental in curating, along with Alex Gill and Kyle Farrell. This show entitled Mirror Box is an open expression on how these artists view reality. 

Art by: Kevin Bond, Derek Chan, Kyle Farrell, Alex Gill, Erin Gould, Julia Haywood, Chaz John, Kat Kinnick, Shannon Latham, Ariana Lombardi, Emily Mason, Nate Massé, Drew MC, David O’Brien, Josh Palmeri, Sarah Palmeri, Alicia Piller, Julie Slattery, Dion Valdez, Emmaly Wiederholt, Ona Yopack

The worked touched on explorations of reality and of space. Questioning what can be tangible or what exist in a parallel world. Some works were reflections of a phantom idea, surreal landscapes or delusional relationships. The brilliance of this show was that this concept served as a springboard to invite many different threads to be delicately woven into subtly beautiful, and transportive moment.

This would not have been so masterful achieved without the thoughtful curation. It is apparent while viewing the show that each artist and piece of work was deeply understood and arranged to guide the view on a nonlinear journey with the art.

I can say with certainty that the artists and the community behind this show is the most promising energy to manifest itself in Santa Fe's. Shows such as these will lead Santa Fe’s art scene to a new horizon, and it’s not a mirage!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 4.35.44 PM.png

Peony Violence Blossom in Portland

Glorious Guardino Gallery is hosting the Peony Violence series this month in an artist pairing with talented ceramic artist Anne Goodrich.  

This has been a wonderful process, from the burst of creativity needed to create this body of work, to the meeting of the Alberta Arts community. All of my focused energy was rewarded the night of the February's "Last Thursday" with a big turn out and great support.

If you missed that fun night not to worry. This coming Saturday at 2 pm at Guardino Gallery I, along with my fellow artists, will be giving a talk about this body of work. wish me luck. see you there!

A special thank you to Donna (for bring us all together) Meg (for getting it on the wall), Anne (for being gracious and talented) and Bark & Bless (my first virtual to live artist friend).

This new series is about the convergence between nature’s graceful softness and nature’s violent destruction.

These peonies are about the romance of a bouquet given while the heart bleeds.

A firework exploding as pedals fall.

Traditionally, I am an oil painter. However, I produced this series in colored pencils and gouache, both light materials in order to emphasize the delicate quality of these flowers.

Fantastic Feathers

Feathers are natures fashion. The riot of colors are symbols of lust and the length of the plumes show your status.

This shoot from "W" Magazine has Jeniffer Lawrence showing of the best of both worlds.

Accompanied by other expressions of wings.

Taking great inspiration from Wesley Younie's solo show "Dark Paradise" at Mark Whoolley Gallery. Up now until March 15th.  Wesley is a fellow feather lover.

You know what the say about flocking together.

See many more of my favorite feathered loves at  BIRDS IN COMMON.

Refelection of Art Shows for Caffe Mingo

From the first to the last,

all of this work was a made for the very inspiring space and community of Caffe Mingo in North West Portland.

This is a community I have been proud to apart of for the last seven years, that time is drawing to a close and in time of transition it is important to reflect on successes!

(each of these show as not only wonderful to make, but allowed me to connect with a specific and important art audience)

special thank you to Micheal Cornan for supporting my artistic side, and to all the patrons that bought these pieces off the wall.

Months Gone By

This is how I have spent the last few years building up layers and exploring the nature of all things deer.

The romance of the chandelier becomes much more about line and delicate translucent layers.

"January" 2012 oil, acrylic gel gloss, paper on canvas 23"x 36 ”

  Little white flowers are just the right finishing touch.

"April" 2012 oil, acrylic gel gloss, paper on canvas 23"x 36 ”

All things covered, in the thicket. "April" 2011 oil, acrylic gel gloss, paper on canvas 23"x 36 ”