Recycled Rain Project

 The Recycled Rain Project was founded to help bring awareness to local artists and the various water issues facing both our state and other’s abroad.

For this group show I was required to use at least one mason-jar full of collected rain water. Being the over achiever that I am I thought I would take it to the next level with the use of  rain and shine.

For a Cyanotype, a photo graphic print, the exposure is made by leaving it to rest in the sun.On a partly cloudy Portland spring day the exposures is much longer.  To fix the print you rinse it in water, in this case collected buckets of rain water. The magic happens here and no matter what your images it the Cyanotype is always a beautiful variation of blue.

This is my process: starting with xerox transparency collage.

I made two pieces for the show and had the community vote on which piece should be in the show. The last image is the one that made the cut.