On Fashionable PDX Thursday

It has been my zietgeist lately to support all the creative people in my life. This has been leading me to many different places ranging from Folk music at "Dr. Who" theme dive bars to the white tents of PortlandNXT Fashion Show on Thursday evening.

It was a fabulous time, with micro local celeb sightings (Project Runway Stars), confusion and  Pinot Grigio NOT Chardonnay and wonderful INSPIRING runway shows.

It is not surprising that the show I liked the most was that of Myriam Marcela, who happens to be a striking acquaintance I met at an art opening, and who I was there to support. Her vision is all about vintage made current or as she describes, "Vintage Revival".  Everything that walked the runway seemed new but had well edited vintage spirit as well as a strong since of print with a bit of Spanish flair (her homeland).

The other stand out designers that made the evening amazing were:

ATIZ who wowed with a cleaver mixture of fabric textures and prints. Ranging from light and airy to luxuriously thick.

"The inspiration and scope behind the Àtiz collection is rich and wide, but each piece contains the blending of Eastern sophistication with Western originality. Though her Indian heritage informs all of her looks, Padmaraj nonetheless translates this historical and cultural legacy into a refined, timeless international look."

Sonia Kasparin "Bespoke Couture" stunned the audience with this simmer full length simmer gold number!!!

Wendy Ohlendorf gave the audience fantasy and whimsey with headdress in and dramatic defined shapes.

Dries Van Noten Winter 2013 and 2012


                                                            Women's winter 2012

                                                                  Dries Van Noten  
is the master of textiles and print mixing.
 His extensive 55 look collections exude the confidence of an understated genius. 
The combinations are very art house yet wearable. 
All of these images come from his web page: Dries Van Noten so please explore all of his beautiful shows!

Rich Winter

Rich Winter
Make it a rich winter of: Prints, Texture, Jewel Tones and the Luxuries of the 70's.  
The print craze is all around, the textural tribal prints of Proenza Schouler (See collection Here) Fall 2011collection inspired by the Navajo patterns of my Santa Fe home, and the clean geometric prints of Loewe and Marni (Fall 2012) that bounce right on to that jewel tone silky 70's dress
 topped in bold velvet or fur. 
Thus you have warmth all the way to your fashion core!