On Fashionable PDX Thursday

It has been my zietgeist lately to support all the creative people in my life. This has been leading me to many different places ranging from Folk music at "Dr. Who" theme dive bars to the white tents of PortlandNXT Fashion Show on Thursday evening.

It was a fabulous time, with micro local celeb sightings (Project Runway Stars), confusion and  Pinot Grigio NOT Chardonnay and wonderful INSPIRING runway shows.

It is not surprising that the show I liked the most was that of Myriam Marcela, who happens to be a striking acquaintance I met at an art opening, and who I was there to support. Her vision is all about vintage made current or as she describes, "Vintage Revival".  Everything that walked the runway seemed new but had well edited vintage spirit as well as a strong since of print with a bit of Spanish flair (her homeland).

The other stand out designers that made the evening amazing were:

ATIZ who wowed with a cleaver mixture of fabric textures and prints. Ranging from light and airy to luxuriously thick.

"The inspiration and scope behind the Àtiz collection is rich and wide, but each piece contains the blending of Eastern sophistication with Western originality. Though her Indian heritage informs all of her looks, Padmaraj nonetheless translates this historical and cultural legacy into a refined, timeless international look."

Sonia Kasparin "Bespoke Couture" stunned the audience with this simmer full length simmer gold number!!!

Wendy Ohlendorf gave the audience fantasy and whimsey with headdress in and dramatic defined shapes.

White as Winter White as Paper

The following looks are all about the trendiest of non-colors 
to wear for winter, the clean the fresh white. 
The article below is about using paper techniques, such as origami,
to create structured dimension in clothing. 
It come out via Vogue a few season before the resurgence of minimalism dressing
 which still makes use of strong angles edges and detail much like the crisp folding of a paper.

It is now Grey

The angular style lines
 of these masculine cuts creates looks with a 
great street vibe and grunge rhythm.

 It is no coincidence that 
grunge style and culture was born of the North West. 
The dim lit sky and constant drizzle makes one moody and swathed with layers, 
femininity fades as you suit up in your masculine like armor all putting on a bad-ass front to battle the slick grey sidewalks that match the sky. 
All that said grey can be the most beautiful spectrum of in between-s
 (think tweed, perfect lines of black and white that trick the eye into seeing grey)
and drive us to our creative core.

take on grunge,
 just oozes with sex appeal. 
This photo tantalizes and blows my mind, 
a favorite!

Blue Cha Cha

                                                                     This was one of my favorite spring 2011 Prada collection:
                                                                                               Fun WEARABLE wimsy!!!!

 Blue Cha Cha STILL
We still feel summery, a little tan, freckled and bright. The seasons have other plans, so prep for the chill, while staying colorful with a relaxed summer vibe: i.e. TRIBAL or as Harper's Bazzar describes "HAUTE HIPPIE" vibe.

Mixed Prints for Summer

 Mix it all up! 
Print on print is a big trend, it can be an art in itself especially when combing through your own wardrobe. What I love about the Derek Lamb is the small graphic stars with the large soft tribal, and Miu Miu takes the mix further with preppy cuts in three different whimsical prints. 
The lesson here is the double mix, print on print, and preppy paired with bohemian!

Emerging. for spring time

This is an article originally from Nylon Magazine, 
it is highlighting new designers from the Parsons New School of Design. 
I am always so grateful when large publications highlight the small, under the radar artists and designers. In this way the devotes of fashion actually get to see something new, and upon occasion can experience the joy of following a designer from the beginning. One of these designers: Jamie McCarty, Nicole Mobasser, Hee Lim, Paula Cheng could be the next big thing!
This feature is all about emerging new talent, and with that something new and fresh. 

"Beast Within Collection" 

linked here to discover even more talented fashion students!

To Reflect

                                                   The article that follows is high-lighting young great fashion designers. When this article came out they were still new to the scene, burgeoning into the fashion icons they are now. It is only upon reflection that we see how their "pioneering" help shape the fashion of now.
                                                         As all of you fashion devotees follow the new fall collections on Instagram, Twitter, all in the present, all right now, which is arguably, what fashion is all about. Fashion is every changing ever now, which it should be! 
                                                        However, it occurred to me that only after time has past that we can recognize the statement with in the art, the art of fashion, the point of view, the true avant-guard, the trends the color and more importantly the clothing that WE actually want to where! So while all other fashion blogs are sharing the NOW I am here to share a reflected upon, edited, present. I strive to find and show classic timeless and real artists of fashion.

Dries Van Noten Winter 2013 and 2012


                                                            Women's winter 2012

                                                                  Dries Van Noten  
is the master of textiles and print mixing.
 His extensive 55 look collections exude the confidence of an understated genius. 
The combinations are very art house yet wearable. 
All of these images come from his web page: Dries Van Noten so please explore all of his beautiful shows!

Rich Winter

Rich Winter
Make it a rich winter of: Prints, Texture, Jewel Tones and the Luxuries of the 70's.  
The print craze is all around, the textural tribal prints of Proenza Schouler (See collection Here) Fall 2011collection inspired by the Navajo patterns of my Santa Fe home, and the clean geometric prints of Loewe and Marni (Fall 2012) that bounce right on to that jewel tone silky 70's dress
 topped in bold velvet or fur. 
Thus you have warmth all the way to your fashion core!

The Past is so Now

The Past is still relevant.
Admittedly these images come from Fall 2011.
Via Harper's Bazaar runway report.
I find these collections so on trend, as they show the kernel of the designers ideas that have now bloomed into a more main steam zeitgeist. Many of the themes in this collections are still going strong: Bright Color, Statement Coats, and Prints everywhere!

Layer in Aura Colors

Layer in Aura Colors
I once read in a very new-Aggy, very awesome book, that people look best in the colors that most closely match their aura.  I'm sure one could look great in color that contrast their aura as well, what an interesting day that would be.
 This season is, quite arguably, is when we need color most and I am thrilled with the current color riot trend. The key is to pick classic cuts in your favorite vibrant color (maybe one that matches your aura) in this way we can insure that this color tend will last. I particularly, love that all of this color taps into your creative side, the final outfit being a bit art-nerd chic with a vibrant up lift of the color vibes themselves and the compliments of "Wow, you look so great in green!"

 Note the solid gold accessories to make everything pop!

The Green and Grey of It

In keeping with the style theme of the "new neutral" these wardrobe building piece are even better in alternative greens and greys. The clean and polish is there but with a bit more of a tomboy, masculine twist, army green is the ultimate modern girl neutral.