The Green and Grey of It

In keeping with the style theme of the "new neutral" these wardrobe building piece are even better in alternative greens and greys. The clean and polish is there but with a bit more of a tomboy, masculine twist, army green is the ultimate modern girl neutral.

The Soceity Slouch Vogue 10/10

This fashion shoot comes entirely from Vogue. The joining article (HERE) is all about “The Society Slouch” – the new cocktail dressing.  “The Slouch” refers to a looseness, an ease to clothing and life. It is a style about the lux sex appealed of  fabric, draping, and mystery as appose to the body-con dress and stiletto look. These women show case their style more than their cleavage. What you get in place of vulgarity  are looks that tell you a story. A narrative not necessarily of this time and place but one that brings together classic literature and cocktail notions.

The Old Hipster or Vintage Dressing

This is an article about hipster fashion as defined by the vintage, Western, distress clothing phenomenon. News flash, to the fun fashion hipsters of Portland Or. and beyond, because this trend has hit the main stream (high fashion like in a Vogue publication, see artical) then it is no longer a "hipster style." So has the hipster look died with H&M and thick rimmed glasses on everyone, or will it morph into something new? 
I am waiting to see what the freaks and geeks on the street come up with. 
Come on hipster's show me what you got!!! 

Article Archive: Prints by Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a designer that has turned her attention to the whimsical, wearable prints that have a very vintage inspired appeal.  With collection titles such as "Perfect Day" (shown above) featuring petite oiseaux printed blouses, and current collection "Sea Monsters" featuring swirly nautical prints, the joy of dressing is the well executed mission.
Article from Nylon Magazine 

Mood Board #4 Prints

This mood board is all about the prints. Some of my absolute favorites! Notice the origami cat print by Piamita* in the head to toe look and the reptile-esque print on the Anthropologie dress. Adding a whimsical playfulness to the spirit of summer, the looks stay polished by keeping the palates monotone and the silhouettes structured. If the other style elements stay refined then the thoughtful prints really stand out!
-This post goes out to my friend Felicity, a true master of print and design. I always imaged her being able to pull of the hot pant striped blazer ensemble!

Fashion and Screen

Mildrid Perice
This photo shoot comes directly from "W". If you are unaware they have a great monthly feature that goes behind the scenes with up coming screen entertainment.  Last spring was the glorious “Mildrid Perice” with Kate Winslet as the star. The shoot itself really captures the masterpiece of the HBO mini-series. From the sets, lighting, performances, and the fashion it preserved the time and place of California glamor. Mothers and Daughters everywhere were moved by the story and longed for1940’s silky garments.

mood board #3: Cutting Loose with Decorum

 Mood Board #3: Cutting Loose with Decorum
In this town were I reside (Portland, Or.) The first warming and sunny days seems signal women to step out of the house, quite suddenly, totally scantly clad. All pail flesh. This mood board is about the glory of a transition. These woman look cool and put together in lovely lose long pants, so breezy and so many playful colors. Give yourself the time to acclimate to the new weather, the new spring fever and the new style you adapt. It's never becoming to bare-all too soon.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard in Vogue. 
This is a woman of glamorous refined sex appeal. This photo shoot does an impeccable job of capturing her tour de force French style while still giving a wink to nostalgia and a pin-up silhouette. How could you not be inspired by Marion Cotillard?
"Josephine" is a fictional character inspired by Marion Cotillard. To me she embodies whimsy. She is the first in a series of characters that will be featured on The False Unicorn.

Edith Piaf's "Non, Je ne Regret Rien" billows from a third floor lavender lined window. Josephine possesses the kind of laissez-faire elegance and ennuie that only a Frenchwoman can embody. Daytime finds her casually photographed against a Provincial blue door, hair disheveled. Purse held lazily in hand, Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" nearly falls to the ground. Josephine's slate colored lingerie evokes a 1930's aesthetic. She is cut from another era. Nighttime crawls. Josephine grows bored with the day. Dressing herself in a bow trimmed ensemble demanding any gentleman to inquire whether she would like her dirty martini shaken or stirred. Surrounded by stones and artifacts, Josephine poses, aware of the gaze she summons. Framed by sleek hair and dark sunglasses, Josephine embodies the modern woman, conscious of decades past. She hasn't yet decided where to go. She steps in to a 1937 Aston Martin, vanishing with barely an embrace goodbye.

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