Ghana IN Vermont

These bright and colorful patterns are amazing no matter where you are. My fabulous friend Lizzy hand picked this print to bring back to this side of the globe all they way to her lovely new home in Vermont. This first print is a custom design from her two year peace core adventure in Ghana. As a friend she teaches me so much with her bright sprite and as a maker she brought the crafts of the village home with her, together we made Shea butter cream and strung African beads. Her world is a true fashion inspiration!!

For more information about the process of textiles in Ghana: GHANA TEXTILE

Article Archive: Prints by Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a designer that has turned her attention to the whimsical, wearable prints that have a very vintage inspired appeal.  With collection titles such as "Perfect Day" (shown above) featuring petite oiseaux printed blouses, and current collection "Sea Monsters" featuring swirly nautical prints, the joy of dressing is the well executed mission.
Article from Nylon Magazine 

Print Riot

Print Riot 
In the joyous sun-soaked days, at the height of summer, all you need is print on top of print. Some prints are vintage, some prints are whimsically "animally" (for this you need Charlotte Taylor) and the print of the most importance, almost a wardrobe staple is the TRIBAL PRINT! 

Mood Board #4 Prints

This mood board is all about the prints. Some of my absolute favorites! Notice the origami cat print by Piamita* in the head to toe look and the reptile-esque print on the Anthropologie dress. Adding a whimsical playfulness to the spirit of summer, the looks stay polished by keeping the palates monotone and the silhouettes structured. If the other style elements stay refined then the thoughtful prints really stand out!
-This post goes out to my friend Felicity, a true master of print and design. I always imaged her being able to pull of the hot pant striped blazer ensemble!

mood board #3: Cutting Loose with Decorum

 Mood Board #3: Cutting Loose with Decorum
In this town were I reside (Portland, Or.) The first warming and sunny days seems signal women to step out of the house, quite suddenly, totally scantly clad. All pail flesh. This mood board is about the glory of a transition. These woman look cool and put together in lovely lose long pants, so breezy and so many playful colors. Give yourself the time to acclimate to the new weather, the new spring fever and the new style you adapt. It's never becoming to bare-all too soon.

A Marc Jacob's Palate

           Overall I am a fan of Marc Jacob, because he is a fan of Art. The artist side of the brand really shows through in all of his marketing campaigns: recognizable, quirky, well lit and photographed from interesting perspectives. I have had many favorite Marc Jacob adds over the years. This particular series I like for the lighting and the palate. the youthful grunge look is great well.
Fashion Light and Palate #2